50 GPM Receptacle

Part Number

The 50 GPM Nozzle can be used on many different applications in the commercial transport.

This product has R110 Certification


The receptacle installs on the vehicle tank allowing a quick one-motion mating for a simple, secure operation. The receptacle is designed to couple with JC Carter’s 50 GPM Nozzle.


Additional information

Fluid compatibility

LN2, LNG, Methane

Maximum Working Pressure

500 PSI (3.48 MPa)

Process Connection

3/4-14 NPT Female Port

Operating Temperature

-320°F to +185°F (-195.56°C to +85°C)

Nominal Flow

50 GPM at ≈15 PSI differential

Burst Pressure

2000 PSI (13.79 MPa)


≈3 lbs

Storage Temperature

-60°F to +120°F (-51.1°C to 48.89°C)

Flow Performance